I'm So Hood: The Remix

Young Jeezy
Busta Rhymes
Big Boi
Lil' Wayne
Fat Joe
Rick Ross

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MP3/192 kbit/44.1 kHz [†]


P Gonzarelli said...

haha vilken jävla sågning, taget från smokingsection:

"Now, I love this song – featuring no less than eight rappers and one vocoder-voiced hook machine, it’s a posse cut par excellence. The video itself boasts, aside from the assorted talent involved in the song itself, a stunning array of guest spots, including E-40, Bushwick Bill (!!!), DJ Drama, Slim Thug, Joell Ortiz, and others.

What could go wrong?

The answer, my friends, is everything.

1. DJ Khaled - Now, his intros have long launched themselves past parody, making Jazze Pha’s look positively brief and rational by comparison. This one is a special one though. First, he looks absolutely ridiculous, parading his bizarrely shaped frame around as he attempts to trump his previous hand gestures with even more exaggerated and out-of-place gesticulations. Second, and most delightfully, he says a bunch of absolutely crazy shit (including the questionable dropping of the n-bomb), capping it off with his signature ‘We the best!’ and ‘We run this!’ All of this, of course, is said in his inimical voice, a hysterical screech that more often than not haunts me when I fall asleep at night..."

blunted soul said...

bloggånger... den här videon är sämst